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Coach and Equip Ministries is designed to help you and your ministry take the next steps forward. We do this by coaching and equipping you through your prayerful discovery or rediscovery of your ministry's God-given mission, core values and vision. You may also find our coaching helpful in your next-steps strategic planning, disciple-making, church multiplication, ministry evaluation, and personal spiritual development. We are here to help you take your next steps forward in life and ministry.  



Ministry Support Systems That a Church Planter Needs

Do not try it alone! That's a warning every church planter needs to heed. Trying to launch a new church without any ministry support systems is a recipe for disaster and probably failure. So, what systems does the church planter need? Let me suggest several in today's blog...

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What is the relationship between the lead pastor and the elders?

In the New Testament, the use of pastor, overseer, and elder are equivalent as the terms are used synonymously. However, the functions of this ministry or office may differ depending on how the individual uses his gifts in ministry. Read this blog to find out more about how the lead pastor works with the other elders in the church...

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Suggested post-Covid changes in your church by-laws

What changes are needed in your current church by-laws because of what we have learned during the last year and a half of the Covid-19 pandemic? The following blog contains some suggestions for you to consider...

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